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New blog, New world order!

December 7, 2021

Hi valued visitors, finally i decided to write again after nearly 11 years of working online without writing, so today is the launch of my blog in AymanWorld.com, this blog will be the hub of the fastest growing technology (WordPress), it will include all the tips and tricks about:

  • WordPress
  • Internet marketing
  • Online entrepreneurship
  • SEO
  • The success in general

the fact is I’ve improved my English language writing skills over the past years so now i can write better than before, and there’re always something to write about, as you know the content creation on the web is a profitable market and this is the new world order, anyone can join, create a good contents and get paid, so i starting this blog to share my knowledge with the world and gain profits as well.

The time is not too late, you can start today to create your own blog too and get web profits share, there’re many ways to start your blog for profits, so if you don’t have any money yet you can start with blogger.com, and if you can pay around $14 a month for domain, hosting, and SSL, you can start with WordPress.org it’s cost money but has a lot of benefits and freedom.

How to get web profits share? it’s pretty simple, you can:

  • publish ads with your contents as ads publisher
  • or promote products or services within your contents as an affiliate marketer

The best ads publisher program to join after creating your blog is Google Adsense, and there’re tens thousands of affiliate programs out there, you can start as an affiliate marketer with affiliate network such CJ.com and ClickBank.com

Now, what is the hardest part in one word? the traffic.

you will need the people to know about your blog, you will need visits to your blog, you will need buyers to the products you’re promoting through your blog, and you need some clicks on your Ads to gain profits, but the good news is the people will flood from search engines only if you write a good unique contents, just start writing and the visits will come, write good, and the visitors will return, it’s that simple.

Now leave a comment bellow about your opinion in this post and be tuned for my next blog post, thanks.

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