Create a slider

I will Create a slider in your home page, the slides will link to your posts, pages, or your products

Looking for some inspiration for your WordPress slider? Sliders allow website owners to showcase their most important content in an engaging and interactive slideshow, so users can see the highlights and take action immediately. It’s no wonder that so many sites use sliders with all that they can do!

  • Deliver content efficiently and in style
  • Pack a lot of information into a small space
  • Add interaction to your website
  • Direct visitors to promotions and important pages

Here, Ayman will show you excellent WordPress slider examples:

Slider Inspiration Showcase
Here are some of the best examples of sliders for your inspiration.

CNBC Prime


CNBC’s slider is legible and easy to use. They use a thick font for the show titles, so it’s easy to read. Coloring the text really helps it to stand out against the background too, Ayman can setup this slider in ANY wordpress website.



CBS’s slider uses compelling images with large font to make it easy to read and use. The large buttons make it super clear what will happen when you click, but it required a special wordpress theme to create a full screen slider with the logo and the menu over it such CBS.



Xbox’s slider is the best one overall, goes for simplicity with clean product images, few words, and call to action button, and Ayman can setup this slider in ANY wordpress website.

So, you've understand what is a slider mean, what is the purpose of it and have got a three clear examples, Now is the time to let Ayman build a Slider in your WordPress website for only $100/slide

Kindly choose how many slides you want to create in your slider